Professional design of your drawings

If you need layout for a process plant or drawings for your carport, P&I-diagrams or something entirely different, please contact Friis Engineering.
Friis Engineering has great experience from many years of layout-work for i.a. pharma-, environmental- and power plant industry, but also building-design for council planning permission or workshop drawings is “home ground” for Friis Engineering.
Just bring the proposal and Friis Engineering will deliver the completed drawings.


Who are we?

Friis Engineering has existed since 2005.
It is owned and run by civil engineer Susanne H. Friis M.Sc whose experience is derived from almost 20 years of project engineering of big and small process plants, and 4 years as technical project manager for electrostatic precipitator installations for e.g. cement-, paper-, steel- and powerplant industries all over the world.
Friis Engineering has executed consultancy work for BWE, FLS Airtech, Alfa Laval amongst others as you will be able to see under References.

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