Personal data

Born: September 30th, 1969
Address: Overdrevsvejen 31, Lellinge,
4600 Køge, Denmark
Landline: +45 5621 6509
Mobile: +45 3068 7509
Civil status: Married, daughter (15), son (13).
Use of own car.


  • Engineering of process plants
  • Plant layout
  • Piping
  • 3D and 2D drafting in AutoCAD
  • 3D drafting in PDMS
  • Planning
  • Coordination
  • Responsible, conscientious, reliable, careful, detail-oriented
  • Construction site experience

Professional experience


Founded Friis Engineering. Through this company I have delivered consulting assignments for F.L.Smidth Airtech A/S, Polyproject Sweden AB, PILUM AB, Getinge Water Systems A/S, BWE and many more. The assignments consisted of for example plant layout, process plant engineering, piping, P&I diagrams, detail drawings, assembly drawings and manufacturing drawings for waste water treatment plants, desulphurisation plants, electrostatic precipitators, bag filters and pure steam plants.


F.L.Smidth A/S

Plant layout of raw mill plant for cement factory in Saudi Arabia.


FLS miljø a/s / FLS Airtech

West Burton Power Station, England. Based in England. The work in England included design of platforms, as built updating, control and amendments of the 3D models etc. The desulphurisation plant consisted of 4 absorbers, flue gas ducts, 8 booster fans, 2 200m high stacks, dewatering and waste water plants incl. piping, 2 lime mills, slurry tanks, lime and gypsum storage, conveyor belts, buildings, roads and railroad.


FLS miljø a/s

Technical Project Manager for electrostatic precipitator installations for e.g. cement, paper, steel and power plants all over the world.
The work undertaken ranged from the provision of detailed quotations for plants to the fulfillment of orders typically involving electrostatic precipitators, ducts, expansion joints, supports, booster fans, dampers, dust transport and access facilities.

The work as Technical Project Manager consisted of:

  • Managing of technical project schedules and resources. Typically 1-3 colleagues (engineers and draftsmen
  • Coordination of different divisions sub-components to the plant
  • Coordination of resources within own division
  • Contact with the customer
  • Design of the plant
  • Preparation of plant documentation

AutoCAD 3D was used to design detailed 3D models and drawings for these plants.

The work has taken me around the world e.g. Poland, Germany, Sweden, Chile, Turkey and Spain. On site I collected drawings and other necessary documentation and took measurements to ensure that the plant could be designed as accurately as possible.


FLS miljø a/s

Layout of desulphurisation plant Polaniec in Poland. The plant consisted of 2 absorbers, flue gas ducts, 2 booster fans, dewatering and waste water plant incl. piping, slurry tanks and access facilities.

The meticulous positioning and coordination of all components necessary to obtain an efficient plant was ultimately achieved.


Master of Science (M Sc.) in Engineering, Civil and Structural. January 1995.


  • Inventor (Spring 2013). NTI CAD center.
  • Swedish (Autumn 2012). International Communication.
  • PDMS (May 2008). At BWE.
  • Project Managing (Dec. to Jan. 2005). IAK. The course, which lasted 6 weeks, provided a thorough education in e.g. planning, financial management, budgeting, risk analyses, sub-supplier management, communication, MBTI type indicator, team leading and much more.
  • Inventor (2004). NTI Cad center.
  • The cement factory (2004). F.L.Smidth.
  • Spanish (2001). FLS miljø a/s.
  • Assertive communication (2000). Actus.
  • German (1998). FLS miljø a/s.


Superuser: 3D and 2D drafting in AutoCAD
User: Inventor, PDMS, Microsoft office programs, Microsoft Project, Lotus Word Pro, Internet Explorer etc.


  • Fluent English
  • Fluent Swedish
  • Fluent German
  • Knowledge of French
  • Knowledge of Spanish


In a personality test I got the profile ISTJ, which means that the following words apply to me: Responsible, conscientious, reliable, careful, structured work methods, practical, punctual, down-to-earth, sensible, detail-oriented, fact-oriented.


Ever since I was a child I have played music. It started with piano and recorder. Later I took up the trumpet and I have played in a military band, Kvindelige Marineres Musikkorps, for more than 25 years. A few years ago we recorded a CD.

My other interest is cooking and I enjoy planning and delivering a culinary experience for my guests.

Last but not least I enjoy gardening in my spacious garden at home.